The Exhibition

A view of part of the exhibition
DIJ Tokyo Shelf Mark H57-07:A view of part of the exhibition

Other than a small internal event in the camp 1 only one exhibition took place. The first mention of it occurs in the newspaper for the 20th of January 19182 by which time a date in March had already been chosen. In keeping with the relaxed arrangements in the camp, the exhibition was to take place in a Japanese temple in Bando. The next mention of the exhibition in the newspaper is on the 10th of March. It expresses a sense of achievement, and the hope that the visitors would appreciate the effort that had been put in. The exhibition was seen as serving the higher purpose of showing what Germans could achieve even after years in captivity3. The newspaper for the following week4 was entirely devoted to the exhibition. The leading article deals with the way in which enthusiasm and effort for the exhibition grew as time passed. The paper then deals with the individual displays and concludes with an account of the visitors who attended. Two articles in subsequent editions deal with the way in which the exhibition was seen and understood by the Japanese public5,6. Subsequently, the exhibitors made a memorable excursion to the sea at Muya7, presumably as a reward for their efforts. The exhibition was recorded in the Camp Chronicle for March8. On Thursday the 2nd of May, a special display of material from the exhibition was prepared at short notice for a visiting Japanese prince who was apparently favourably impressed9. The exhibition was also displayed in Tokushima10, but there is no detailed description of the event in the newspaper.