The performance of 'Old Heidelberg'
DIJ Tokyo Shelf Mark H57-06: "The performance of 'Old Heidelberg'"

The task of putting on a play requires a great deal of preparation. As a result, given the other activities happening in the camp, it is not surprising that the overall number of plays performed was relatively low. This must have been frustrating for potential audiences. However, the groups which did perform were not lacking in ambition, and performed classics by Shakespeare1, Calderon1, Hans Sachs3, Goethe,4, Kleist5, Lessing6 and Schiller7,8. Plays by near contemporary authors: Anzengruber9, Freytag10, Ibsen11 , Meyer-Förster12 , Sudermann13 and Wildenbruch14 were also performed as was a popular contemporary play: Bonn15 and comedies: Jacoby/Laufs16, Rössler17, Blumenthal/Kadelburg18.

It would appear that the behaviour of the audiences was not always very good. The “Rules for Theatre Goers”19 make fun of this. In the final edition of the newspaper there is an article about stage sets with illustrations from some plays which were performed20. A number of Variety Evenings were held in the camp, but there is only a description of one of them in the newspaper21. Gymnastic events also provided entertainment. They are described in the Gymnastics section.